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Movie Hits – Caringbah

Movie Hits – Caringbah, NSW 2229
Address: Corner Banksia Road & Kingsway
Phone: 9540 1444


Trading Hours:
Monday to Saturday:
10 am – 8 pm
11 am – 7 pm

We offer low prices and discounts.

You will find that you can save when shopping in our store. We do not have the overheads faced by many DVD stores and can therefore pass the savings on to you. This is particularly true in this very competitive market where you can make significant savings on DVDs by simply visiting our stores at 53 Banksia Road, Caringbah.

Excellent and superb selection of DVDs. Multiple copies of new releases. Vast range of weekly movies; Action, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Family, science Fiction, Horror, Sports and much more.

Many times when we are feeling bored we look for ways in which to relieve our boredom. Watching movies is a good way to accomplish this. You can find many stores including our DVD outlet where you can satisfy your movie cravings.

At our DVD outlet “MOVIE HITS Caringbah” you will find a large selection of movies that are suited for all age groups. The quality of all movies in our store are of a high standard. The price that you will discover is not that bad. You should however make sure that you have chosen a few movies that are entertaining as well as suited for your family.

You will find that we have the facilities to rent a vast selection of DVD movies that you can get – will be in the ranges that your family will like. This means that you can find action, comedy, romance, fantasy movies, horror, science fiction and kids’ movies. There are many other items that you can find at MOVIE HITS Caringbah.

You will find some of the popular TV series have been placed in a manner that allows you to hire the ones that you want. This means that if you have missed the beginning of a series that you like you have the opportunity of hiring the entire season’s episodes. You should not expect to find the current or last season’s episodes out just yet.

We have some interesting DVDs that your kids will enjoy browsing. We stock many different family type DVDs which are available for them to look through. In all of these times you will be able to see what you want to hire.